Sunday, August 29, 2010

"Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet"

If you are feeling on the edge of a nuclear meltdown.... if you are desperately in need of a calming of the storm.... if you're at the end of your rope.....

...this song may help.

It certainly has never failed me.

It's from a 78 minute composition by Gavin Bryers called "Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet." Once in the 1970s a then-young Mr. Bryers taped some homeless folk standing around a fire in an oil barrel on the streets of London, and in the course of the conversation, one of the hoboes, for no particular reason, broke into song, singing a couple of lines from an old hymn.

Getting the tape back to his music studio, he looped it... and found it had a hypnotic effect. It inspired him to add the orchestral accompaniment, half bolero, half hymnody.

His first version of this song was 22 minutes long. In 1993 he released a CD, 74 minutes long, with orchestral accompaniment and, for the last section, Tom Waits' wanting voice singing harmony.

It's music of a different sort, of a different reality.....

A tiny reminder of the heavenly world that awaits us.


  1. Absolute rubbish. I'm at the end of my tether. I feel at the edge of a religio nuclear meltdown. I am desperately in need of a calming of the storm.

    if god/allah, whatever he wants to call himself, does exist. When I die and go to heaven, I shall have some very strong words with him and I might even be forced to kick him were it hurts. He is nothing but a dictator (if he exists) and he aint no benign one either. He's killed more people than any worldly dictator. He's killed more people than the devil. And for what? Nothing. I hope he does exist so I can punch him on the nose and then put a bullet in his head.


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