Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 25 Worst Americans?

The conservative Right Wing News site contacted 100 prominent Conservative bloggers, somehow missing me ;0), to submit their candidates for "The 25 Worst Americans." Their results are as follows with numbers of votes given in parentheses:

25) Saul Alinsky (7)
25) Bill Clinton (7)
25) Hillary Clinton (7)
25) Michael Moore (7) (Tie)

21) George Soros (8)
21) Alger Hiss (8)
21) Al Sharpton (8) (Tie)

18) Al Gore (9)
18) Noam Chomsky (9)
18) Richard Nixon (9)
18) Jane Fonda (9)
18) Harry Reid (9)
18) Nancy Pelosi (9) (tie)

12) John Wilkes Booth (10)
12) Margaret Sanger (10) (tie)

10) Timothy McVeigh (11)

9) Ted Kennedy (14)
9) Lyndon Johnson (14) (tie)

7) Benedict Arnold (17)
7) Woodrow Wilson (17) (tie)

4-5) The Rosenbergs (19)
3) Franklin Delano Roosevelt (21)
2) Barack Obama (23)
1) Jimmy Carter (25)

Remember the order does not reflect badness but generalized agreement that they all belong on such a list. Nobody in their right mind would believe that Roosevelt or Carter are worse than Booth or McVeigh.

As for the list tho.... a rather sad lot of choices. Well, maybe I am not conservative enough. Or maybe my fellow conservative bloggers need to read some more history books. (But I will agree with the unspoken rule that none of the names herein should consist of the merely criminal, otherwise Charlie Manson et al would knock pretty much all of them off the list.)

Anyway, of this list I would agree with the following:

Saul Alinsky, Communist agitator;
George Soros, nationalist-socialist agitator;
Alger Hiss, traitor;
John Wilkes Booth, assassin;
Margaret Sanger, child killer;
Aldrich Ames, traitor whose sale of secrets killed Russian patriots;
Timothy McVeigh, terrorist and traitor;
Ted Kennedy, Ted Kennedy;
Benedict Arnold, traitor;
Julius Rosenberg, atomic spy

(Actually Ethel Rosenberg does even belong on this list; she merely aided and abetted him, which doesn't normally rate a lightning ride. They electrocuted her because he would not sing about the others involved in his spy ring.)

The following DO NOT BELONG on the list for the reasons given:

Bill Clinton - Not the worst of Presidents, merely one of the worst men ever to be President. He was, withal, the Governor of the United States, no more. But we prospered under his rule, generally speaking. (I once heard a drunken Bosnian weepingly thank me that Clinton was President; "He saved my daughters! He ended our War!") I'll therefore grant him his foibles. Looking back, his sexual behavior was a pecadillo compared to Mr. Obama. (And even Mr. Obama doesn't belong on the list–yet.)

Hillary Clinton - Not even close. As Secretary of State she has not been ineffective; as Senator, she could have saved us the Obama presidency. Her support for abortion makes her anathema, but she's not worthy of the Top 25 list.

Michael Moore - Who? (WAAAAAAY too small a fish).

Al Sharpton - Again, Who? To small (and stinky) a fish. The only reason we know about him is because of the media.

Al Gore - He managed to not get elected President in spite of winning the popular vote. That should put him at the top of any Conservative's list of great Americans. Since then, all he's done is boff masseuses and put out science fiction movies. Hardly Worst American kind of stuff.

Noam Chomsky - Easily ignored.

Richard Nixon - For all his faults, he performed a Biblical feat: this nasty old anti-Semite singlehandedly saved Israel during the Arab Israeli War in 1973 by sending them badly needed arms. Sometimes even jerks can do good. For all his crimes, this single work makes him sing with the angels.

Jane Fonda - Again, WAAAAAAY too small a fish. Besides, Barbarella serves to counter most of her harm.

Harry Reid - Who? (That's what people will ask in 10 years when they hear this name.)

Nancy Pelosi - See Harry Reid.

Lyndon Johnson - He had his foul faults; Vietnam was an unimaginable blunder. But he was not any where near totally evil as portrayed. He DID get the Civil Rights Act pushed through, and the Voting Rights Act, and the Poll Tax Amendment. Not top 25; maybe top 100.

Woodrow Wilson - A censorious genius come 30 years too soon, although he DID strengthen segregation. His bad choice of second wife and his bad timing to have a major stroke doomed him. Bad, yes, but not top 25; not nearly as bad a President as, oh, say, James Buchanan or Warren G Harding, and not 25 Worst American material.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt - Fer chrissakes, bretheren, what are you thinking??!?! Not even close. If Winston Churchill gave him his Seal of Approval, how can we do less?

Barack Obama - I don't like him but it is WAY too soon to tell. However, the fact that he accepted a Peace Prize nominated a week after taking office IS remarkably stupid. He should have turned it down. But he's STILL not Top 25 Worst stuff. Like I said before: Yet.

Jimmy Carter - Bad, incompetent, a fool, and a poltroon, but not Top 25 stuff. Besides, without Jimmy there would be no Reagan. (Again, not even as bad as Harding.)

Now for MY additional candidates:

Top of the List (in place of Obama, Roosevelt, and Carter):

Harry Blackmun and the Roe v. Wade Crew (Warren E. Burger, William O. Douglas, William J. Brennan, Jr., Potter Stewart, Thurgood Marshall, Lewis F. Powell, Jr.); they signed the death warrants of over 50 million Americans so far [count as one].

...and with a further dishonorable mention of Linda Coffee and Sarah Weddington, Norma McCorvey's (Ms. 'Roe's') attorneys, who caused her to perjure herself at the start of the case by offering their life stories as hers, and thereby contributed directly to the great American genocide. [count as one].

Roger B. Taney and the Dred Scott Decision Crew (James M. Wayne, John Catron, Peter V. Daniel, Samuel Nelson, Robert C. Grier, John A. Campbell); they made the Civil War inevitable [count as one].

And the others, in no particular order:

Walter Duranty, New York Times reporter, 1930s; a traitor to his profession and his nation, pretended that Stalin's crimes did not exist because he didn't want to hurt the home team (his fellow communists).

Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.; far more abominable than any of his spawn, including Teddy; his defeatism, exhibited as ambassador of the US to Great Britain in 1940, might have heavily contributed to the defeat of the Allies in WW2. (Fortunately Roosevelt loathed him and disbelieved everything he heard from him.) Furthermore, he deliberately lobotomized his own daughter. A monster.

Henry Wirz, commander of the Andersonville POW Camp in the Civil War.

John C. Calhoun, pro-slavery legal powerhouse (and a northerner!*), a would-be Samson who tried to bring down the Temple of the Constitution before the Civil War; there are some Conservatives who would animate his States Rights corpse to this day. Not joking, either. (*My bad, no he wasn't, he was from N. Carolina. Ooops. Thanks to my friend Jonathan for that correction.)

Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy.

Robert E. Lee; had he not betrayed his nation, he would have ended the Civil War in 1863 and eventually been President. (Can you imagine him commanding the Union Armies at Gettysburg?) His only saving grace is that he was no war criminal; his soldiers pretty much followed the rules of war, and he surrendered rather then let them become guerillas; furthermore, his example in taking the Oath of Loyalty allowed many of his men to do the same–which is why he was not hanged as he should have been. But partially rebuilding a home you deliberately burn down doesn't excuse your arson.

Edmund Ruffin, secessionist fireeater who lied that he fired the first shot at Ft. Sumter.

Aaron Burr, Third Vice President of the United States, with emphasis on the word "Vice"; shot Alexander Hamilton for no sane reason as well as other high crimes and misdemeanors.

David Curtiss "Steve" Stephenson, murderer of Madge Oberholtzer and head of the KKK in Indiana, 1923 (nominated not because of his murder of Ms. Oberholtzer but because of his other political acts; the murder merely revealed what he already was).

Orval Faubus, Governor of Arkansas during the Little Rock Central High School integration crisis, 1957 (George Wallace would certainly be on this list, had he not repented his racism and support for segregation as a result of his horribly painful recovery from his assassination attempt in 1972).

Angela Davis, communist agitator who should have been electrocuted for aiding the 'Soledad Brothers' murder of Judge Harold Haley (she can sue me).

William Ayres and Bernardine Dohrn, communist cop killers (they can sue me, too).

(Yes, I know that that list does not add up to 25; I'm one of the 25 Worst Americans At Math.)

Of course I'm interested in hearing anyone's opinion on the subject.... :0)


A good friend of mine comments that I should consider

1. Jesse Helms
2. Andrew Jackson
3. Father Charles Coghlin.

All of these are good candidates, although as far as I know, Jesse Helms never killed anybody. Neither did Strom Thurmond (altho Strom had even less excuse for his bigotry as HIS OWN DAUGHTER was black!). But still. Not top-25 material.

Andrew Jackson undoubtedly did--particularly Cherokees. On careful rethought, he can probably replace Mr. Ruffin, whose baleful influence doesn't exceed Jackson's.

Father Coughlin however....

Er, I happen to know a bit about Father Coughlin; he was a Detroiter, remember. My grandmother helped build his second church after the first one was burned by the Klan. Due to the family connection I made a point to do a bio on the man while in college, using papers held at MSU. Upshot: the man was a supreme jerk, BUT (1) he DID shut up when ordered to by his Archbishop (which too many of our leftist crazy priests don't do) and (2) I heard a tape recorded interview of the man in 1970, shortly before he died, where he weepingly repudiated his anti-Semitism, saying that he was totally shattered by Auschwitz. Finally, he was a Canadian green card holder, not a US Citizen, so techncially he doesn't qualify.

The whole point of my list is non-common-criminals who had a baleful effect on history and never even had the decency to be sorry for it later (=George Wallace).

Good calls, tho.


  1. I should add that I'd add Joseph McCarthy and his junior spaceman Roy Cohn and Roy's boyfriend G. David Schein. However, a large number of individuals McCarthy identified as "communist agents" in public really WERE communist agents; go wiki the word VENONA.

    He was, however, a real, despicable monster, who ended up aiding the real communists by tarring all those fighting the communists with his brush. Top 100 certainly. Top 25? No.

  2. Disagree with you about Robert E. Lee; the only reason he ever entered the war on the side of the Confederacy was because Virginia had seceded. He was opposed to both slavery and secession from the Union, but was also a loyal Virginian.

    He didn't want war with his fellow Americans, but had to resign himself to waging that war, and when it ended, he spent the remainder of his life (five years) trying to help heal the nation.

    On any list of Worst Americans? I say no.

  3. I often hear that, my friend but... no sale. He could have spared his state total destruction if he had chosen the nation that paid for his training, education and career over his borningplace. No question the war would have ended a year earlier at least, with pretty much the same outcome.

  4. How would Virginia have been spared total destruction? The Union strategy was to capture the Confederate capital, which moved to Richmond shortly after Virginia seceded.

    Lee was certainly no McClellan (or Burnside or Hooker or Meade), but based on your certainty the war would've ended in 1864 at the latest, and with the same outcome, how would Lee's staying with the Union have been better for his state?

  5. george soros - though at one point i would agree to the characterization of "national socialist", i have too much respect for his mentor, karl popper, and the institute he founded and bequeathed to soros to support the characterization. though we can agree that progressivism and fascism share a paternalistic bent, the single point that the latter requires the abolition of republicanism while the former is set subordinate to republicanism distinguishes the two completely. soros doesn't want to destroy the republic. he's just running a scorched-earth campaign to elect democrats which includes supporting activist elements of the international left.

    noam chomsky - also not the evil many on the right believe him to be. one might suspect, as i have and still do from time to time in reviewing his writings, that the anti-soviet part of his cold war narrative is just there to feign moral consistency, but he really is just a quixotic anarchist; one who's moral absolutism survives only in suspended in pure abstraction. one does suspect, however, that he plies his scientific discovery of language to the craft of writing manipulatively.

    lbj, however, definitely belongs on the list.


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