Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Today We Remember the Zenith... and Nadir

Today is July 20, 2010, the 41st anniversary of one giant leap: Man's first steps on the Moon.

Today (by coincidence) is also the 9th of Av (Tisha b'Av) in the Hebrew calendar, commemorating the destruction of the First Temple in Jerusalem by the Babylonians, and the Second Temple by the Romans. Tisha b'Av was also the anniversary of Grossaktion Warsaw, the beginning of the end of Poland's Jewish community (the Gregorian date is July 22, 1942).

Let those of us who are friends of Israel also never forget.

ADDENDUM: One writer asks, any chance we can land on the Moon again, say, on July 20, 2019?

As of now? Yes. We DO have a chance. In hell.

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