Thursday, July 29, 2010

JournoList: A Symptom, Not A Disease

Roger Simon at Politico expresses his embarassment at the existence of "JournoList", a group of like minded leftists who actively conspired to manipulate the news in favor of Barack Obama and his cohorts during the 2008 election.

Now, there is little wrong with having a group of likeminded individuals discuss the news. I've been a member of a (very!) small Email group of likeminded friends for years; we discuss things the same way the JournoListers did.

Then what is wrong with such a thing in the journalism world?

Well, it's not that there is a group of "journalists" actively advocating leftist monstrosities. That's been going on for years and is absolutely no surprise to anybody to the right of Jane Fonda.

The problem is not an individual group, the problem is that the entire system of teaching, training, hiring and promoting journalists has been structured so as to preclude conservatives from journalism's professional ranks for years and years.

Back when I was a university freshman, when dinosaurs ruled the earth in the fall of 1980--when Ronaldus Magnus was yet a dream and America was the Land of Malaise, and before there was a conservative campus alternative press anywhere in the country--I wanted to major in journalism. I had high hopes, after having won the top student journalism award for the State of Michigan my senior year in high school, that I could make my career in the field.

After one semester, I was called into the office of the lead professor at the Michigan State University Department of Journalism Studies, where I was informed that I should change my major.

"You're a Republican," he sneered. "No Nixonite has any business in the newspaper business. Go do something else."

Not being stupid, I changed my major to philosophy and international relations.

In the mid 1990s, when I was in law school at The Catholic University of America, I was part of the law school's newspaper. After it spent a semester (GASP!) advocating that a Catholic Law School should have a Catholic identity, a mob of enraged law students forced the newspaper to be shut down, all the writers thereon (including me) were purged, and it was reconstituted by leftist morons who thought that Seinfeld was the height of wisdom and humor.... and discussion of matters of faith (at a Catholic law school!) was utterly forbidden. We had to found an independent journal to get our voice heard.

The problem with journalism is NOT that it is "biased." All human endeavour is biased. The problem with journalism is that it pretends to be "unbiased," and then makes absolute agreement with everything that their tiny subculture believes in mandatory to be considered "unbiased." They make all sorts of evils somehow "good" and then decrees that anybody who disagrees with those evils to be "biased."

If (say) the Smalltown Democrat newspaper was indeed the newspaper of the Democratic Party, I could take it at face value. As it is, if it is the "Smalltown Herald" and is indistinguishable from being the newspaper of the Democratic Party, then we have a problem.

I have no sympathy for these people who are "ashamed" at "what journalism has become" when the MSM's naked advocacy of anti-democratic and leftist values are exposed today. We simply hold up a mirror; if they shreik at the Frankensteinian visage that appears in the glass, that is only natural. Alas.

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