Monday, June 7, 2010

More Kent Genealogical Stuff

I was at Immigration today, and having finished my business there early, I decided to follow a hint I had in one of Uncle Tom's notes--and.....

I discovered the ancestral Kent family plot at Mt. Elliott Cemetery!

Found no less than 14 relatives, including Great-grandfather Thomas Kent, Great-grandmother Ellen Hart Kent, Great-great-grandfather Richard Hart, Great-great-grandmother Honora Hart, two of Ellen's sisters, a Hart "mystery love child"*, no less than *7* of A Leo's sibs (our greatuncles and greataunts), several of whom died in childhood. It's across the street from Father Solanus too.

The cemetery records show that "apparently two bodies were removed from the site in 1929." I.e., this is where A Leo and Robert were buried briefly, too

And its two blocks from Immigration. I drove by it 2x/week and didn't know.

PS You will be pleased to know that even tho the Mt. Elliott cemetery is in one of Detroit's most blighted districts (there are over 40 burned out buildings on Mt. Elliott Avenue between Gratiot and Jefferson) the cemetery itself is still immaculately maintained. The graves were an in wonderful condition and the stones clear and readable, almost new in fact--more readable, in fact, than at Holy Sepulchre.

It is exceedingly cool to encounter relatives you thought were lost to you. Truly.

*An unnamed "Miss Hart", year of interment 1879, is buried in the plot; if she died that year, then the only two likely candidates for her parantage is one or the other of Great-Grandmother Nora Hart Kent's two sisters, buried beside her. Although I may be wrong; since other relatives were moved to the site around this time, it is possible also that "Miss Hart" is a deceased legitimate child of Richard and Honora Hart and thus sister to Ellen. There is also an unnamed "Infant Kent", sex unknown, the next youngest sibling after A. Leo; cemetery records show he/she lasted only hours in 1882.

Amazing. What must have been such pain once, losing so many so young. We have been incredibly blessed in the years since. Truly.


Now here's a thought. My first cousin John Hammang has a daughter, Eileen. Eileen Yaworski has four children. Her youngest daughter, Eleanor Rose--named for the two gals closest to the heart of Sam Gamgee--is about one year old.


Eleanor Rose's mother is Eileen Hammang Yaworski. Eileen's father is John Hammang. John Hammang's mother is Eileen Kent Hammang. Eileen Kent Hammang's father is A. Leo Kent. A Leo Kent's mother is Ellen Hart. Ellen Hart's mother is Honora Fitzgerald Hart.

That Honora Fitzgerald (1808-1882), who lies in Mt. Elliott, is the...

...wait for it now...

Great-great-great-great-grandmother of Eleanor Rose Yaworski and her three sibs. (Whew!)

OR, 1/(2^6) of her ancestry...

OR, one of 64 Great-great-great-great-grandparents of Eleanor Rose Yaworski.

(Double whew!)*

(*Triple whew: that's four greats, not five. Sorry. Still, though....)

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