Thursday, June 10, 2010

...and farewell Uncle Pat O'Brien (another Kent death)

Just got word that another of my relatives, Patrick "Uncle Pat" O'Brien also just passed away yesterday. That's two in less than a week.

This leaves my mother the last living member of the Kent Greatest Generation.

ADDENDUM: Added the above picture of Uncle Pat and his youngest daughter Peggy, taken in the 1970s, when I last saw him.

Another picture here, ca. 1951, of my Grandmother Jennie F. Kent (wife of A. Leo), her brother, my Great Uncle Gerald (this is the first pic of him I've ever seen!), Uncle Pat O'Brien, my Aunt Mary Jane O'Brien (his wife, my Dad's sister); and cousins by the dozens. Baby in bonnet is my sister Raphaelle; my brother Mark is in the railroad hat; cousins Colleen and Gregory Kent (Aunt Ginnie's two eldest) are in front left. Don't know who the others are, maybe my brother Jerry is the one next to Mark.

(Pix raided from my sister Eileen's photo page on Facebook.)

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  1. Uncle Pat was sweet, funny, intelligent and a wonderful family man. He will be missed!


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