Monday, April 12, 2010

Geopolitics Exam Question

Your final exam question is this:

The above sequence is:

(a) a takeoff on a similar scene from The Life of Brian

(b) an appalling revelation on the trinkets and trifles that certain Euroweenies are willing to accept in exchange for the end of their nation's independence, individuality, and significance for which their forefathers bled, allowing their nations to turn into satrapies in a polyglot princedom ruled by Eurocrats in Brussels

(c) both?

The answer of course is (c).

P.S. For all the humor in the question "What have the Romans ever done for us", one should remember that the Romans did a more complete of genocide (by proportion) against the people of Israel than even the Germans did: The Romans flattened Jerusalem and carted off the entire Jewish population of the Holy Land in slave carts, and it took the victims some 2000 years to recover.

The Europeans forget this at their peril, for the Eurocrats in Brussels will not brook dissent.

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