Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Obama Stiffs His Waiter

This just in:

President Obama Signs Pro-Abortion Health Care Bill, Ignores Executive Order

Washington, DC (LifeNews.com) -- President Barack Obama signed the pro-abortion government-run health care bill into law today but did not sign an executive order that would supposedly nullify the abortion funding. Leading pro-life and pro-abortion groups are in rare agreement as they say the order is virtually meaningless.

In other words, Kaputs and Co. traded their inheritance for a pot of message.

And Obama didn't even give them a transparent figleaf.

They sold their souls and got NOTHING in return.

NB: This also means that nobody can make any further deal with President Obama and think that it will be meaningful.


I'm thinking of sending Bart Stupak a campaign contribution.


In dimes.

Dated 1964.

ADDENDUM II: Turns out Obama's issued that Presidential order.

But in private. No cameras. And no doubt he washed his hands afterwards.

Okay, so I'm wrong here, insofar as I stated that Obama doesn't keep his promises. I guess he does. (Which is an improvement over his immediate Democratic predecessor, who kept "those promises that he meant to keep.")

But I still don't think that Mr. Stupak can count on any help from anybody. The pro-abortion Democrats view him as a traitor to the Democrat cause; the pro-life Republicans, moderates and Democrats view him as a traitor to theirs. It's hard to betray two opposing sides at the same time, but somehow Mr. Stupak managed to do it... and for which he will be duly rewarded, I am sure, this November.

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