Monday, March 29, 2010


I've always been an enormous fan of Gloria Estefan, a beautiful woman with an amazing body, an even more amazing voice, and a life story that leaves one agape with wonder.

Her father was a soldier assigned to protect Fulgencio Batista during the latter's (alas, inept, corrupt, and brutal) presidency of Cuba. This of course made him no friend of the Castro dictatorship, and he fled Cuba when the communists took power. He fought the Communists at the Bay of Pigs, and later for the United States in Viet Nam. And his daughter learned from him a fierce love for America, a fiercer love for Cuba and a hatred fiercer still for the Castroite enslavers.

Her career bagan modestly as a wedding singer for a small Cuban-style band called the "Miami Sound Machine" in the 1970s and went from one small hit record in 1978 to one of the great musical acts of the late 20th and earliest 21st centuries.

AND she's a star to show the other stars how to do it: happily married for more than 30 years to her husband Emilio Estefan Jr., two kids, an almost unbroken string of major hit albums.... breaking her back in a traffic accident, yet recovered fully to tour on stage only ten months later....

But this week, in Miami, she has shown her TRUE stardom.

This woman, in making this stand, steps outside of the mindless herd that is the Left in the entertainment industry, in standing against the dictatorship of the evil men who rule Cuba with an iron hand. She called for a march in honor of Las Damas de Blanco (The Ladies in White), the wives and daughters of those imprisoned by Castro's henchmen for "counterrevolutionary activities."

There are endless videos of her in her stardom and glory, but of all of them, I know in my heart that if she could dedicate one of her songs to the Castroites, it would be this one.

God bless you, Gloria Estefan. And your husband Emilio, and all those who stand with you. You do not work in vain. Viva la Cuba libre!

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