Monday, February 15, 2010

Michael Barone Reads Another Political Obit

From today's Washington Examiner: Michael Barone, the oracle of the Potomac, reads the political obituary of one Congressman William Delahunt of Taxachusetts.
Third is the case of Amy Bishop, the woman who shot and killed three colleagues at the University of Albama in Huntsville. What does this have to do with Delahunt? Well, back in 1986 Amy Bishop, then a resident of Braintree, Massachusetts, shot and killed her brother. No charges were brought against her. Bill Delahunt was the District Attorney of Norfolk County then. Boston’s Channel 5 has some of the puzzling deals. Delahunt’s apparent decision not to bring charges 24 years ago may be entirely defensible, for all I know. But it certainly looks questionable today. And it’s not something I would want to be litigating in a political campaign. So I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Delahunt decides that this is a good year to spend more time with the family.
IOW, "He's dead, Jim."

P.S. His money graf spares me the need to write anything further about Ms. Bishop, who is hereupon best consigned to the Forgotten.

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