Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kathleen Parker Exploits Trig Palin

The WashPost today runs an op ed article which asks if Sarah Palin is "exploiting" her child by "using" Trig as a poster child for an endangered species - the Downs' child.

Kathleen Parker, you will recall, called for Palin to step down last year.

Palin herself has hardly been discreet regarding her youngest child. She has spoken and written about her misgivings upon learning that she carried a Down syndrome baby. She told a pro-life crowd that she considered abortion and wasn't sure she could care for a child with special needs. These were surely sincere and heartfelt remarks shared by others in the crowd. ...Doubt always stalks conviction, but does it always demand expression? Might Trig someday read his mother's abortion thoughts and find them hurtful?
What vile horsehockey.

It is Kathleen Parker herself who is trying to exploit Trig Palin by using him as a tool to try to discredit Sarah. It is his disability, and his mother's courage in confronting those who would kill him, that shames Parker. If Sarah Palin had killed her child and come out with it on the stump, Kathleen Parker would have had--I'll try to put it nicely--paroxyms of joy.

In her statements Parker has shown herself as a mouthpiece for the abortion industry--an industry that would have enthusiastically butchered Trig Palin. It is she who should step down. Better yet, she should spend the rest of her life in penance, preferably at some monastic silent order.

Drive on, Sarah. Drive on.

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