Monday, February 1, 2010

The Disappearing "D"

A report on NewsBusters highlights one of the more curious difficulties faced today in broadcast journalism: their inability to use certain letters of the alphabet.

In coverage of the now-utterly discredited John Edwards, both ABC and George Stephanopolos devoted more than a full hour of coverage to the Edwards scandal, which involved him askidentally fathering a child by his mistress while running for President. They manage to discuss every aspect of the case....

...without ever mentioning his party affiliation.

You see this shit all the time. Whenever a Pubbie gets caught with his hand in the cookie jar (or the cookie baker, as the case may be) they drive in the party ID with a sledgehammer. But let a _emocrat go wrong, and lo and behold, it never gets mentioned.

Suhprize, suhprize, suhprize.....

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