Sunday, January 24, 2010

WashPost Journo: Racists Will Elect Palin

One Jon Jeter, a blogger at, has a bad case of the vapors.

He is sensible to the degree that he sees, clearly, the utter incompetence and inability of the Obama administration to cope with our difficulties.

And he sensibly sees that Obama's inabilities are paving the way for a President Palin.

However, his analysis of how we will get from here to there is like looking in a funhouse mirror. All the attributes are present but the picture presented is highly distorted. To say the least.

For starters, he sees that
[T]he economic crisis that is most comparable to the current situation is not the Great Depression, or the 1981 slowdown, but Japan’s decade-long recession that began with the bust of its real-estate bubble in the early ‘90s.

Okay, as far as it goes.

However, he sees the response to this by conservatives in flyover country as "tribal."

Like the defiant, segregationist Alabama governor, Palin, the former Alaska governor, speaks the language of the white Southern and suburban voters who fear that the American way of life is under attack from an out-of-touch, Godless, effete and multiracial big-city crowd. With her folksy charisma and parochial values, Palin is the latest in a long line of demagogues —from post-Reconstruction governors in the Deep South to Father Coughlin in the ‘30s, from Reagan to Lou Dobbs—who’ve emerged to redeem, or reclaim, the land from Northern carpetbaggers and uppity Negroes.

It's all about racism. Always, always, always.

Got news for you, Mr. Jeter. It's not about your race. It's about our choices, all of us, white, black and in between.

Jeter is right that it is very likely that America will elect President Palin in 2012 whether the national Democrat socialists like it or not.

He is accurate in that our situation is like that of Japan in the 1990s. The reason the housing market collapsed in 2008 is the same as the Japanese real estate collapse 20 years ago: all that borrowing was based on a supposed inevitably increasing price for housing, arising from endless new demand for housing... but there suddenly was no burgeoning demand for new housing. Oops.

The reason why there was not burgeoning demand for new housing is that not enough young people were aching to buy houses in the market.

The reason why there are not enough young people aching to buy houses is because huge numbers of those who might be buying houses were exterminated in utero by the peculiar institution we call "legalized abortion". That's about two in seven conceived since 1973. (And about 1 in 3 African Americans!)

And this is EXACTLY why Japan is in permanent economic stagnation. They've aborted so many of their children that there is no hope for economic growth.

There are 50 million or so missing Americans--25 million of them would be between the ages of 18 and 35 right now, and of them, we can expect, oh, maybe about 10-15 million potential home buyers would have been out there had they not been aborted.

The reason the Left hates Sarah Palin has nothing to do with her "parochialism." It is due to fact that she and her daughter reminds each one of them, father or mother, who ever aborted a child of their "choice." And I fear that the Left will do anything, anything at all, to avoid having her and those who support her from controlling the national government because they do not want to be confronted with their own, personal contribution to the mass killing of our nation's children.

And for the writer, above, who fears Palin's "racism"--how can she possibly be a racist when she, unlike Obama, wants there to be many more black children born than are born now? (Leaving aside the additional inconvenient truth that her husband is, ahem, non-white.)

Yes, it's about the economy. And yes, it's about Obama's manifest, total and irredeemable inability to be an effective President. But it's ultimately about our national self-destructive behavior of insisting that we abort freely and without consequences.

But there are ALWAYS consequences to evil.


"I tremble for my nation when I reflect that God is just."

Our economic troubles are not God's punishment for abortion: it is merely that He allows us the consequences of our choices. If we jump off of a bridge, He lets us hit the bottom... although we may (may) have a few seconds to reconsider and repent before we hit the ground.

And it is truly dismaying that someone like Jeter, who one would think should know better, blames it, indeed everything, on racism. But then, if he knew better and wrote the full truth, the WashPost probably would not have hired or promoted him; they would have found some other politically correct leftist to write in his place. PC journo school grads are a dime a dozen. There are always plenty of, oh, Jayson Blairs and Stephen Glasses out there who are willing to, er, get the real story.

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