Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sen. Franken Called For Violent Overthrow of US Gov't

A few nights ago I had the strangest dream.... Al Franken, the United States Senator (who, last time I saw him, defamed my beloved Bosnia as a "shit hole") was on a stage calling for nothing more or less than violent revolution.

Well, I googled it.

Turns out I was remembering an actual event. October 21, 1978. I must been, what, sixteen years old? Anyway, Al Franken and his buddy Tom Davis were filmed saying... THIS:
Al Franken: Thank you, thank you! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! It's GREAT to be back!

Tom Davis: That's right. And, tonight, we'd like to stick our necks out a little bit on national television, and call for a violent overthrow of the United States government! [ he bows, as the audience applauds ]

Al Franken: Thank you! Thank you! You see, besides being a professional comedy team, Tom and I are international Communist revolutionaries... and we believe that nothing can really be changed in this country, through the Democratic process! [ brief applause ] Oh, thank you! We're glad a lot of you feel that way!

Tom Davis: Right you are, Al. You see, in a Capitalist society, anybody who's running for public office is automatically corrupted by... well, instead of telling... why don't we show you?.... (cut to pointless comedy routine)
Well, as it turned out, Al DID show us. We just had to wait thirty one years.

(The above script is from an appearance on Saturday Night Live, but is presented just to let you know that (a) Al Franken actually said this, and (b) that he was just, ahem, kidding.)


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