Saturday, December 12, 2009

Some Good News from Michigan (For Once)

Back on July 15 I posted about a horrible accident that happened on I-75 at the Nine Mile overpass--the bridge, only recently rebuilt, was burned and destroyed down to the foundations by an exploding tanker truck.

There were no casualties in that accident, thanks to quick action by the local law enforcement, firefighters, and citizens-on-the-spot. But the bridge was totally destroyed. (Pix here.)

Well, whaddayaknow? Yesterday, Friday, December 11, 2009, the bridge was reopened. Around-the-clock labor and an open checkbook made completion of the project in under six months possible.

There's a lot about Detroit that sucks, yes. But a hat tip to all involved in this minor urban miracle. We haven't completely lost what or who we are or what we can do!

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