Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Philip Pullman Loses His Bearings

It sez here that plans to make movies based on Philip Pullman's "Golden Compass" novels have been shelved due to the fact that the first one didn't make enough money.

Okay, fair 'nuff.

But Mr. Pullman is blaming Catholic opposition to the fact that his movie didn't make very much money.

And THAT is, ahem, specious. (That's lawyerese for "bullshit.")

In this day and age, where Christianity and Catholicism are so disregarded that our Congress feels free to pass a health care law that murders children at government expense, the thought that "we" ruined his movie is ludicrous.

Face it, Pullman; your movie didn't make money because your movie sucked. And it sucked because the underlying premise sucked.

Of course, then there is this: When a seller of barnyard-derived agricultural fertilizer is unable to sell his wares, maybe he should look at his product as the source of his troubles. So here.


Now Sam Elliot is making the same pathetic claim. Sad, really.

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