Thursday, December 31, 2009

NYT: Nothing To See Here, Folks, Just Move Along

The all-knowing New York Times on the Interpol thingie:
Contrary to its portrayal in some movies, Interpol has no police force that conducts investigations and makes arrests. Rather, it serves its 188 member countries by working as a clearinghouse for police departments in different nations to share law enforcement information — like files on wanted criminals and terrorists, stolen cars and passports, and notices that a law enforcement agency has issued an arrest warrant for a fugitive.

In the United States, a bureau at the Justice Department staffed by American officials transmits information between law enforcement agencies and Interpol. If a foreign country issues an arrest warrant for a person inside the United States, it is up to the United States government, based on its own laws, to decide whether to apprehend the suspect.
So 'splain, please, Mr. NYT, why was it necessary therefor to give them diplomatic immunity and to make their archives off-limits to FOIA and subpoena?

Answer: Because it gives the US DOJ the ability to simply shove a box full of uncomfortable documents across the hall to the Interpol liaison office and voila! Instant inability to access by the public! No FOIA jurisdiction! And, yes, no nosy NYT reporters can look at it!

You'd think that the folks who brought you the Pentagon Papers would find this just ... a wee bit disturbing, no? No?

Guess not. Guess only mouthbreathing dimwit conservatives who love Sarah Palin and want to fill the world with little Trigs worry about such things.


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