Monday, November 16, 2009

You Have Been Summoned... to Las Vegas!

Well-known anti-Muslim, ethnic-cleansing-advocating, pro-Mecca-bombing goon "Rodan" at (formerly LGF2) announces a convention for his blog members:

and the location I have chosen is Las Vegas.
No doubt having been summoned there by Randall Flagg.

Yeah, LGF1 has turned into a sewer. But so, in spite of certain individuals, has LGF2. Alas.

A plague on both their houses.

ADDENDUM: I'm adding this in response to Mr. Anonymous's comments below: Rodan is a vile genocide cheerleader, as revealed from things said to me personally on LGF2 during the brief time I participated there. For instance, in this discussion here, he actually praised the dead Serb war criminal Arkan and those who committed the genocide at Srebrenica as well as accusing me personally of causing 9/11 (see Comment #23).

Rodan is a slime and needs to be read out of civilized society. There are some at Blogmocracy/LGF2 who are fairly decent, but as long as they allow this obscene child to continue to rant in their name, I want nothing to do with it, by whatever name it goes by.


  1. Great - I'll take the liberty to do you a favor and tell them at Blogmocracy that you think so little of them taht you would probably want your blog deleted from their blog roll.

    Also why would you belive anything "Defenseman" aka Honorary Yooper says? The guy literally plays in traffic.

  2. By all memes please do. I've asked them several times and nothing happens. (They can't even spell it right.)

    Secondly, I've encountered "Rodan" myself. He is, indeed, anti-Muslim, hates Muslims personally, brags of his hatred, and wants to bomb Mecca. He also has blamed *me personally* for 9/11. He's also a racist twit who thinks that "Latins" are somehow racially superior to everyone else. He said this to me, personally, in his posts defending the genocide of the Serbs in Bosnia. One go round with him, and the discovery that his genocide-cheerleading ass was one of the LGF2 leaders, led me to say buh-bye to the whole batch.

    I just quoted "Defenseman" because I don't think I have the time or energy to take him down. I have enough energy dealing with the Squire of Gothos. Rodan is not worthy of extended effort on my part.

  3. It's been deleted from their blog rolls.


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