Monday, October 5, 2009

Debunking the Shroud?

It sez here that Italian atheists have debunked the Shroud of Turin, using methods they say would have been available in the XIV Century.

Apparently, they put a bronze statue of Jesus into a pizza oven at 350 degrees for four hours with a cloth on it, then put it on a guy wearing a rubber mask; the mask was covered in red ochre. Voila'! Instant jeezus!

Right. Forgive me for being dubious, as this little methodology does not explain why:

1. The Shroud has pollen in it from plants that grow in the Jerusalem area?

2. Why the "pennies in the eyes" are surely 30 AD Pilatine small copper coins (how many coin collectors did they have in the XIV Century?

3. The medical perfection of the wounds on the Shroud: how many forensic coroners with postmortem reconstructive training did they have in the XIV century?

Yanno, I wish they put as much effort into debunking the left as they do Jesus.

Of course, debunking the Left is a lot easier to do. Doesn't require a lota brains...

Just look wherever they've taken power, and count the bodies.

Of course, there are a *lot* of bodies to count.

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