Thursday, October 1, 2009

Brain Detected in Hollywood!

I must admit, the then-thirty-ish Kirstie Alley, playing Saavik in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, has always held a place of honor on The RLKESQ List of Serious Babes.

Okay, okay, so she hasn't aged well. These days she appears to be, er, more Babe than a babe... resembling the god Vulcan more than she does a vulcan. Alas. The aging process sucks. I know. (I know!)


Almost drowned out by all the moral idiots bleating in Hollywierd, all attempting to justify their defense of the now-righteously-arrested Roman Polanski, she was quoted by E! magazine as saying:

When U wrote "for the record, Polanski copped to unlawful intercourse with a minor (as opposed to rape)..." did u mean we should think that it's LESSER than RAPE? sorta like asking Jeffrey Daumer if he MURDERED his victims or was just trying to make ZOMBIES out of them as he "copped" to doing..let's see..43 year old Director Roman Polanski put his ***** in a 13 year old girls ****** and then her ANUS after he gave her drugs and alcohol, while she was telling him to STOP..hmmm that's a tough one.."as (opposed to rape).." Have we really gotten so STUPID and TWISTED that we care what the CRIMINAL says he was doing? and do we REALLY think a 45 day stay in jail makes up for RAPING a child? Polanski was afraid he wouldn't get a FAIR TRIAL? hmmm ISN'T THAT WHAT ALL CRIMINALS SAY? I'm going to go bang my head on the floor..makes more sense than defending a RAPIST."

Brava. Brava. And again, Brav-a. (You don't say "Bravo" to a woman, BTW.)

Now, Kirstie may be slightly zingy, particularly with her giving zillions of dollars to the "Church" of Scientology and all. But: SHE IS DEAD RIGHT ON THIS ONE. The Stopped Clock rule applies here.

Oh, and Whoopie? The term for Roman Polanski's crime is not technically "rape-rape." I just saw a man (not one of my clients, thank God) go to prison for 25-50 years for the same crime, what we here in flyover country call "Criminal Sexual Conduct In The First Degree". A second offense (and there usually is a second offense) gets you life in prison without possibility of parole.

But the schmoe I saw was 17. And he wasn't a world famous, zillionaire movie director.

And remember. Polanski admitted doing it.

I have to admit I do feel sorry for Roman Polanski. Life has handed him a super-sized ration of naked grief. As a child, he survived the uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto. Later on, he lost his wife Sharon and unborn son Richard to Charles Manson's gang of thugs. But ... but.... he raped that girl. That's a hideous crime. He needs to stop making movies and go to prison and think about it for a while before he dies.


Yanno, I remember a few years ago, an Oscars show, where one of Polanski's art-movies got some award, while people were sliming That Evil Anti-Semite Mel Gibson for building a church in Hollywood (this was maybe a year after The Passion of the Christ came out). Some columnist said something like: "Yeah, that's Hollywood. Rape a girl? No problem BUILD A CHURCH!!?!! OH MY GOD!!!"

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