Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why the Democrats are Falling .... *Hard*

The Democrat party in Washington, DC has suddenly discovered it is hip deep in molasses.

Their health insurance public option is gangrenous. Soon it will kill the entire bill.

Obama, who has suddenly become the President of Chicago, has fled the country to push the Olympics while the deed is done, so that the slow death of the bill won't happen in front of his nose.

And the other Democrat "triumphs" - Crap&Trade, the closing of Gitmo, our hightailing out of Afghanistan and Iraq like they were the fall of Vietnam on steroids - all of them are going nowhere.

Tea parties are on the march. Town hell meetings are filled with enraged, overtaxed citizenry. A half million people filled the Mall just two weeks ago to just say no.


Simple: The Democrats won in November for one simple reason: Half the conservatives in the country stayed home.

And now they're back, and they're exteedingly ticked off.

They stayed home because Bush was not conservative enough. Not because we wanted some Chi-town gladhander shoving a copy of The Little Red Book down our throats.

Byron York gives an excellent analysis of whahappon in today's Washington Examiner.

Money grafs:

In the last few years, public opinion on the role of government was driven by the intense unpopularity of George W. Bush and the Republican Party. Unhappy with Bush and the GOP, voters recoiled from the image of Republicans as the party of traditional values -- even though they basically held to those traditional values in their own lives. ... But that period of revulsion at Bush and Republicans from 2005 to 2008 left a legacy: a Democrat in the White House and large Democratic majorities in the House and Senate, at least until 2010. That is why you see Democrats racing to enact their agenda, even as they see the political conditions around them changing. They have the majorities, based on the public's very temporary mood of 2005-2008, and they are determined to put their preferred policies in place no matter what the public thinks now.

The Gallup numbers also suggest that Barack Obama and the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate have fundamentally misread their own victories. ... The voters elected Democrats because they were sick of Bush and Republicans. Now Bush and the GOP are gone and out of power. Democrats are doing what they thought the voters wanted. And it turns out the voters didn’t want that at all.


Is it 2011 yet?

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