Monday, September 21, 2009

"The Nightmare of Christianity"

The Nation today ran an utterly repugnant article, talking about how excessive Penticostalism ruined the lives of certain individuals raised by religious fanatics and may have turned one man into a serial killer. He could have called it "A Nightmare of Christianity." Buuuuuuutttttt NOOOOOOO. He called it "THE Nightmare of Christianity," as if the story of billions of Christian souls over two thousand years could be melted down and typified by the life of a single sorry-assed murderer.

What utter madness.

Let us see:

One hundred million+ dead Chinese;

Sixty million+ dead Soviets;

Forty million+ dead subjects of National Socialism (and those who fought them);

One point five million+ dead subjects of Pol Pot;

One million+ dead subjects of Yugoslav socialism;

One million+ dead North and South Koreans;

One hundred thousand+ dead American Cold War combatants;

Sixty+ million aborted unborn Chinese;

Fifty+ million aborted unborn Americans;

Forty+ million aborted unborn Europeans;

One dead Russian royal family (kids and all);

One dead American President (JFK);

One dead anti-abortion protester (Pouillon)

... not to mention the unnumbered hundreds of millions+ 'merely' imprisoned, tortured, or otherwise draconianally punished for failure to conform ...

... and all at the hands of the Left since 1917 ...

And they DARE to whine to US about the dangers of ..... Penticostalism?


To The Nation: reread The Black Book of Communism and then get back to us. (I'm sure you've read it: it's all about you.)


I sent a slightly shorter version of this post to THE NATION in response to the Blumenthal article. Their response;

Hmm. It's true that Lee Harvey Oswald considered himself a leftist. However, he was such a confused son of a bitch, acting on his own tangled impulses, that I think it is erroneous to attribute the death of JFK to ideology.

Sandy McCroskey
editor, Nation web letters

Huh. So you're not quibbling about the hundreds of millions, but you quibble about Lee Harvey Oswald?

Jeezus Aitch.

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