Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Memoriam: Patrick Swayze

I note today the passing of Patrick Swayze, the actor best noted for getting extremely intimate with Demi Moore in Ghost (and, I might add, he got paid for it too!), as well as appearing in two other classic flicks of the 1980s: the wonderfully un-PC Red Dawn and the dance-pic Dirty Dancing, with Jennifer Grey at the height of her beauty.

He seemed to be an OK guy: he got married in 1975 to his wife Lisa Niemi and, amazingly for Hollywood, stayed married to her 'till death did they part.

However, it should be noted: Dirty Dancing was nothing but a commercial for legalized abortion: Jennifer Grey's father in the movie was seen providing a young girl with money for a then-illegal abortion, which (naturally, this is Hollywood) was "botched." The message is clear: isn't it wonderful that this can't happen today?

The wonderful dance sequences, the music, Swayze's pecs, Grey's beauty: nothing but candy coating for evil.

I'm not blaming Swayze for this; he wasn't the writer/producer, he was just an actor, and an unknown actor at the time, at that.

But mass murder is a structure that does not stand on its own. It requires pillars and load-bearing walls.

Like Dirty Dancing. A far dirtier movie than advertised--in its own way.

Anyway. May he rest in peace.

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