Monday, September 14, 2009

Could LAX Security CINCUS?

Jay Nordlinger, at NRO, makes the following mention:

A reader wrote, “Jay, you may like the headline I just found on” Well, “like” is the word, sort of. The headline: “Obama to pick LAX security chief to head TSA.”

I'm reminded of the fact that, prior to the Day of Infamy, the chief Naval officer serving at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Husband E. Kimmel, held the position of "COMMANDERINCHIEFUNITEDSTATESFLEET"...

... or "CINCUS" for short.

That's right. Pronounced.... "SINK-US."

On December 10, 1941, the official designation became "COMINCH"; Kimmel was relieved of duty a few days later.

I "HOPE" to Christ that Obambi's choice for TSA doesn't get changed under similar circumstances.

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