Friday, September 25, 2009

The Census Taker - Definitely Murder, But Was it Political?

It turns out that the dead Census worker was definitely not a suicide.

Of course, even though the region where the killing occurred is rife with meth labs and pot groves, Conservatives WILL be blamed for it.

Like one person sneered in the comments of the story below:

How about hoping that your friends on the Right stop creating an atmosphere of fear and hatred?

We fear and hate that which is terrifying and hateful.

Some 200,000,000+ dead at the hands of the Left since 1917 is a good reason to fear them. And the fact that they're shitcanning the Constitution to impose their agenda is even more reason to fear them.

Eternally accusing others of that which we did not do and that which we do not stand for -- is hateful.

Furthermore: we Conservatives are not Nazis, Confederates, slaveowners, white supremacists, Taliban Christians, lynchers, paid shills of the insurance companies, or running dog capitalists. Thank you for not perpetuating those lies. (Some of us may be racists, but I daresay the rate of racists-per-hundredweight is AT LEAST equal to the left AND right. I say that, judging from leftist policies that keep poor minorities glommed to the government teat whether it's good for them or not and judging that every bit as racist as the most ignorant Georgia cracker redneck.)

Once that is understood maybe, just maybe, we can sit down and have a reasonable discussion about hate and fear.

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