Tuesday, September 22, 2009

1400 kids, grandkids, great-grandkids, g'g-grandkids...

A 99 year old woman in Israel just passed away, leaving behind no less than 1400 living descendants at the time of her death.

Now, I think this is exceedingly kew-well. No question.

Not everyone agrees:

Precisely why we have over population of the human species, and are rapidly destroying the planet.

This woman should have been neutered after her first four kids.

So how many of these 1400 people are on public assistance?

they do conserve water! ever come near one of those hassidim?? pheew!

ummm, "Rachel Krishevsky was 19 when she married her *cousin* Yitzik" That sentance sums everything up. She is an imbreeder and all 1400 are screwing eachother.

Lord God Almighty.

Hey, commenters: Forgotten about the Six Million, haven't we, guys? She would have been 29 years old in 1939. Had she lived in Europe instead of Jerusalem, neutering would have been the least she could have expected. As it is, she simply helped to replace those lost.

And God saw that it was good. End of story.

Call me prejudiced on the matter. I'm the eighth child of a seventh child of the eldest of eight (on Dad's side) and the eighth child of the eldest of ten of the youngest of thirteen (on Mom's side). The mother of the thirteen died in childbirth--giving birth to my grandmother.

I have over 130 living first cousins alone, and the second cousins + first cousins once removed is certainly in the several-to-many hundreds. (Although the g'grandparents responsible for this, yes, blessing, all died between 1900 and 1939.)

And a figo to anyone who thinks that my having many, many relatives is a bad thing.

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