Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Memoriam: Teh Loin of the Senate: +Edward Kennedy

I note today the passing from this mortal coil of the senior Senator of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

I shall restrict my comments to the positive aspects of his life, as it is not good to speak ill of the dead.

I should note that he was a dapper man, with manicured fingernails and always well shaven. His office manner was dignified, quiet, and he never needed to raise his voice.

Other than that....



Just a minute.

I'm thinking....


Okay. Got it.

His death at this moment reduces the Democratic majority in the Senate to 59 votes, thus making it mathematically possible to stop socialized health care until his successor is elected, which should take, oh, about six months.

Thank you, Senator, for your contribution this day to the continuation of American freedom.

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