Monday, August 17, 2009

The Greatest Man of the 20th Century

Max Hastings in The Times of London gives a wonderful summation of The Man Who Kept This Blog From Being Written In German.

And Barack Obama's people shitcanned his sculpture.

Well. Hitler's people would have done the same.

Had they the chance.


  1. There has gbeen a revisionist strain (think Pat Buchanan) which claims that Churchill has been overrated - I strongly disagree. Admittedly Churchill was a lousy military strategist but I agree he was one of the greeatest Englishmen of all time and he must be turning over in his grave as he views what Britian has turned into.

  2. Well, you know what they say about o'l Pat. He's touchy about WWII because he lost a relative in the Holocaust.

    His uncle fell out of a guard tower. (ba DUM bump.)

    But seriously, folks. Here is a man, Pitchfork Pat, who claims beyond all reason that the Germans were 'forced' into WW2 by attempts by the Allies at encirclement.

    This makes as much sense as a bank robber arguing that he had to shoot the guy from the SWAT team because he, the robber, could not have made a getaway otherwise.

    Some theories call for abject contempt rather than argument. Pat's is one.


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