Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin Resigns as Governor

On a Friday afternoon before the 4th of July. Either symbolic brilliance or bury-it-on-a-Friday downplay methodology. Take your pick. We'll see that this is brilliant if it knocks Jacko off of the front page.

IMHO: If this is to prepare a run for the Presidency, my first impression is that it's premature and unfortunate. But it's for some good reason we can't see yet.

OTOH, if it is an admission she's not up to the challenge and a withdrawal from politics, I grieve.

On the gripping hand, given the timing, I'm willing to bet it is the former. She must be REALLY pissed at the treatment she's getting. I know that I would be.

Pitbull? We'll see.

If she has stepped out of politics completely, however.... all I can say is that the GOP is *seriously, seriously* frakked. Even more so than it was last week.


One individual, "Reply 30", commented at

Stop projecting.

She quit.

She quit her job, her pulpit, and by quitting told us that if she's ever heard from again, she just might be wrong.

Vote for David Letterman - she just did.

I grieve--but in the day since, I have come to the conclusion that I must agree.

Sarah Palin has self-immolated, probably for some reason that will come to light later--and now Sarah is a candidate for no further political office of any sort.

It will not save her, however. I believe that the hard left now in the driver's seat has decided that this woman who abjectly refused to have her "defective" child murdered by an abortionist must now be destroyed. I predict that Letterman and the nazis of the left will not relent until she is imprisoned... or worse.

God Save Our American States!

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