Friday, May 8, 2009

The Telegraph Can't Handel the Truth

Out of the UK, The Telegraph reports that a forgotten funeral oratorio by Handel was played this week for the first time in 200+ years.

The story included the following two howlers:

His most famous piece is 'Water Music' a series of orchestral movements requested by King George I for a concert on the River Thames in 1717.

Oh, really? And how many people stand up and sing Hallilujah during Water Music? But admitting that his most famous work is The Messiah is admitting that there was such a thing as the Messiah, eh? Geez.


Handel died in 1759, nine years after a carriage accident in Holland robbed him of his eye sight and was given a state funeral.

He died nine years after being given a state funeral????!?!??

(PS. Why couldn't they find Mozart's piano teacher? BECAUSE HE WAS HAYDN!) (thank you thank you I'll be here all week....)

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