Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rino Spector Screws The Elephant...

...for the last time.

It sez here that Arlen Spector, running significantly behind a likely GOP primary rival for the Senate in 2010, has become a Democrat in name at last. That makes the Senate filibuster proof, what with Al Franken being shoved into the Senate by fraud and all.

Well, whether America wanted a leftist government or not, it has one now.

In recognition of Mr. Spector's decision, I propose we send him a campaign contribution.

A march of dimes, as it were.

Old fashioned ones, dated 1964 or earlier.

The ones made of silver.

Thirty of them should be, oh, about right.


I really need to explain why I feel such contempt for the man.

Senator Spector was elected to represent the people of Pennsylvania because of their trust in him--in particular, their trust that they would represent them AS A REPUBLICAN. (If they wanted a Democrat in his seat they knew where to find one. Every election of his was opposed.)

Now, on his own, and simply to feed his desire to hold onto his seat at all costs, he betrays (yes, betrays) the trust of his people to advocate a stand his electors specifically demanded he abjure.

There is only one HONORABLE way to change parties in America.

You resign your seat, then stand for reelection as the candidate for the opposite party. If you're elected, fine. Fair's fair.

But jumping the line and betraying the trust of your constituents and electors, to serve your own lust for power is evil.

And Arlen Spector has shown that he is an evil man. Anathema sit.

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