Monday, April 13, 2009

Requiescat in (BEEEP)

Another, um, noted performer of my adolescence left us today: Marilyn Ann Briggs, who appeared in numerous films under the nom de porn Marilyn Chambers.

She was somewhat like Mark the Bird in that she, too, became famous for outrageous antics while participating as a leading professional in her favorite major league contact sport.

It is, however, not good to speak double-entendres of the deceased, so I'll refrain from saying anything further.

Cause of death remains unreported at this time. Her 17 year old daughter found her in her trailer-park home.


Sic transit gloria mundi.

Rest and eternal memory grant Ms. Briggs, O Lord, and may eternal light shine upon her.

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  1. Sad... Ol' Marilyn also appeared in a few non porno films. The film, Rabid, Directed by David Cronenberg was probably the most notable.


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