Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little Green Stfutball's Lizard Lounge Goes Bye-Bye

Poor, poor widdle Chawlie Jawnson. (Snurf.) It turns out that the Squire of Gothos can dish it out but can't take it.
I’ve become aware that there is a contingent of disgruntled LGF readers who have been using the Lizard Lounge — that I’ve been paying for, for the past three years — to trash and insult LGF and myself. As of right now, the Lounge is closed until further notice.


  1. Thought you might enjoy my post on the subject...

    New Lizard Discovered!!!!
    This one has incredibly thin skin and even more incredible, in an odd evolutionary twist, there has never been one found that has reached full maturity. Which of course has caused scientists around the world to wonder exactly how they reproduce. However, after close scrutiny the general concensus is that it is probably best that they don't.

    Seriously, I was just emailed by a friend telling me that Charles Johnson has closed the Little Green Football, chatroom, "The Lizard Lounge", because...straight from the head lizard's oratory orafice (which scientists are also looking to source):

    Chuck: "Apparently there was some kind of loophole that let banned users get into the lounge. I don't have the time or the inclination to debug it, so I'm closing the whole thing down and canceling my parachat account. I don't need this headache."

    OMG!!! The HORROR!!! Can one allude to the cliche "I'm taking MY ball and going home"? Oh wait I already have. In any case, Chuck once again proves that it is difficult to stand up to critics like a man when his dress is billowing in his face.

    Based on comments on the thread where Chuck announces the closing; it seems that although these types of comments were few and far between they were enough to put a wrinkle in his bloomers. Now in his defense and as he points out, he pays for this room and has every right to do with it as he wishes...and I agree. Of course he fails to point out that LGF is probably financed entirely through ad space and donations that are based on people of all sorts visiting there.

    A little suggestion Chuck...maybe you should shut down your whole site and re-open two dedicated to your music and one dedicated to your "religion", because these are the only areas where you are original. Politically, you are always a step behind Hot Air and others.


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