Sunday, April 19, 2009

Janet Reno Gets Unjust Desserts

Looks like the old exterminator got recognized for her work in support of tyranny yesterday.

Janet Reno, the former attorney general in the Clinton administration, received a lifetime achievement award Friday from the American Judicature Society, a non-partisan justice advocacy network.

Reno, 70, received the award at a ceremony at the Ronald Reagan Building surrounded by family, former colleagues and others who'd crossed her path during her time in public service. Several of them are affiliated with legal advocacy groups like the Justice Project, which helps exonerate those who are wrongfully convicted.
Not present at the award dinner were murder victim Terry Schiavo, kidnapping and brainwashing victim Elian Gonzalez, or 82 members of David Koresh's cult, including twenty young children who were burned alive after "General" Reno gave the needless and incompetent order that resulted in their deaths.

We. Will. Never. Forget.

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