Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hearing from One Lizard With A Brain

Our discussion over at THRUTCH has been very interesting. One poster, choosing to remain anonymous because he still has an active LGF account, made the following post, which I reproduce in full with his permission.

I've been posting at LGF since long before registration was required. I am still currently a poster. I have yet to be banned. I've never met Charles but met dozens of other "lizards" at meets and made friendships that will last long after LGF is a Wikipedia footnote.

That said, every bad thing you've heard about LGF lately is absolutely true. Charles is a liberal whose blog attracted thousands of conservatives wanting to fight the good fight. I think this has always embarrassed him. So his solution is systematic purges. He finds a button to press and keeps pressing until all the "undesirables" have made their feelings known, at which point he cuts off heads.

It started with Creationism. But now, the list of "isms" no longer acceptable grows daily, as Charles shakes the tree to see how many he can knock out. His purges have even reached those who argue against the myth of rapidly rising sea levels and those who do not desire Obama's success with Socializing America.

His latest target is any Conservative gaining populist traction that Charles disapproves of. Forget Glen Beck or even Ann Coulter; Charles' targets include much bigger fish, like Limbaugh, Malkin, Gingrich, and lately Sarah Palin. There is now a daily Palin-bash thread (along with a daily Obama suck-up thread) designed for Charles to play yet more Conservative whack-a-mole.

Does that sound like an even remotely conservative blog owner to you? But beyond that is the gross myth that opposing viewpoints, so long as they're respectfully stated, are welcome at LGF. Nothing could be further from the truth. Any post that disagrees with Charles is automatically an "attack" on him, and his paranoia about posters out to get him knows no bounds. He returns none of the respect he is shown until a poster finally tells Charles where he can stick it, at which point Charles will ban the poster and delete every post in the discussion.

I loved LGF for the community, but most of my friends have already been banned or simply left. I post now and again just to keep Chucky honest, but it's becoming a full-time job and it won't be long before my dissent is not tolerated. But the truth IS finally coming out. LGF was a great blog, but it was great in spite of its creator, not because of him.
Preach it brother.

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  1. I completely agree with the poster. LGF was a great blog, not anymore. CJ is becoming increasingly tyrannical and most of the old time posters are either banned or have voluntarily banned themselves.

    CJ did great work with the Rather forgeries, the Reuters fauxtography and the idiotarian awards. He should be remembered for that.


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