Thursday, April 2, 2009

He got mail!

Yeah, Charles does it again.

Over the course of the last few days, Mr. Charles I-Am-The-God-I-Disbelieve-In Johnson has been ranting and raving about certain individuals who are pushing the autism-is-caused-by-vaccines meme.

Unscientifically, of course.

So he spends a great deal of time explaining how these people believe a fantasy, they want to make your child die of a disease that he could be vaccinated against, etc etc.

Someone at least had the cojones to take the sumbitch to task for his complete lack of compassion on the subject.

Before you crap on people for being suspicious of vaccines, particularly the parents of autistic children, try walking a mile in their shoes, OK?

You may think they’re stupid, but frankly I wouldn’t wish autism on my worst enemy and don’t blame their suspicion— an explanation is all we really want.

I should know. All three of my kids are autistic.

You’ve turned into such a self important pusbag. Deal with your hostility or most of your audience will write you off as an asshole crank, if they haven’t already.

I've got three autistic boys myself at home and can understand (a) how these poor folks are desperate for answers, (b) how they're willing to grasp straws if those straws even give a shadow of a hope of (i) improvement and (ii) an explanation as to where the hell this bastard disease comes from, and (c) why the desperation arising from raising kids in this mode can lead one to take extreme positions.

To Charles, however, they're all anti-science fanatics who deserve nothing but scorn.

Oh, he gives the usual "Autism-is-terrible" gabble speak, but he makes no appearance of even a shadow of compassion for what they're going through.

"Self important pusbag"? Absolutely appropriate, under the circumstances. And doubly so for those flying lizard monkeys whom he allows to post to his blog. (I won't quote them but they need to be read to be believed.)

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