Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Whut we hayve hyeah.... a failyuh to excommunicate.

The nomination of Gov. Sebelius to HHS is a thumb in the eye of every Catholic believer in the country.

The answer to the Sebelius nomination is simple: she should be very publicly told to renounce her support for abortion or be very publicly excommunicated by the Holy, Roman, Catholic and Apostolic Church. Without delay and without apologies.

To openly maintain and advocate legal abortion is ipso facto an act of desecration of the Faith, and should be accordingly noted and acted upon by our bishops. (And the first person who says the word "inopportune" gets to go stand in the corner.)

Furthermore, the Obama reversal on protection of conscience is quite simply evil.

As for Kmiec, former dean of my old law school, who is not a public official, he simply needs to realize he has sold his inheritance for a pot of message, and otherwise be forever disregarded. He's 30 years out of date, and 30 years out of season. Forget him.

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