Friday, March 6, 2009

Churchill Banished--Because Obama Doesn't Know History?

It says here that the White House bust of Winston Churchill was unceremonially returned to the British Embassy by the incoming Obama administration.

This is an ugly gesture.

Speculation is that the bust was returned (and not merely stowed) because Obama's grandfather was "tortured" as a Mau-Mau activist by Churchill during his second prime ministership.

Unfortunately, this is an historical impossibility: Obama's grandfather was detained two years before Churchill returned to being prime minister of Great Britain.

Furthermore, the source of this information appears to Obama's Kenyan grannie: the same lady who says that Obama was born in Kenya, much to the detriment of his claims of being a "natural born citizen". Not exactly a reliable source, I assume.*

Regardless of all of this: couldn't the bust simply have been moved somewhere quiet in the White House? Sending it back to the British is a deliberate in-your-face. And an unnecessary one, to boot. One that we may one day regret.

*I don't think Obama was born in Kenya. I think that all the charges against him on this point are total BS, and those making them are idiots. But if -- IF -- the allegations of his Kenyan birth turn out to be true, IMPEACH! Election fraud is a felony.


  1. Oh brother! I don't make it a habit of calling people names, but since you made the comment that people like me are stupid, your response to your IF question makes me question your level of understanding.

    Surely you don't believe it is all about being born in Kenya? I sure as hell hope that by now you have availed yourself to all the information on the Internet which would lead you to make a much more informed and intelligent response than IF he were born in Kenya.....

    Never ceases to amaze me!

  2. Thanks for the input, even though I utterly disagree with it. As I am not Charles Johnson, I will not nuke you. :0)

    The evidence that Obambi is a Kenyan national has been weighted... measured... and found wanting. He's an American, whether you (or I!) like it or not.

    The reason I don't believe that there is some Grand Conspiracy governing everything is my Bosnia experience: for roughly 2 1/2 years, I was part of a REAL HONEST TO GOD GOVERNMENT CONSPIRACY to secretly Run the Government Behind Everyone's Back (the government being Bosnia's, not ours). We even had black helicopters.

    And yanno what? We didn't, we *couldn't*, do a very good job of it.

    Upshot: Any conspiracy requiring (as this one would) the cooperation of hundreds of people scattered over 3000 miles on two continents and hundreds of thousands of dollars of hush money *cannot possibly work* for more than five minutes. Trust me on this. Nobody, but NOBODY, can keep that many people permanently "on message" and their mouths shut.

    Sooner or later, some Deep Throat figure goes to the Washington Post, and voila'! Instant impeachment.

    I concede that there is a chance(an exceedingly small chance) that Obama WAS born in Kenya and IS NOT eligible to serve in the White House. I also concede that there is a chance (an exceedingly small chance) that the Detroit Lions will be the next Super Bowl champions.

    The difference is that the chance of Detroit winning the Super Bowl is several orders of magnitude GREATER than Obama (a) being a Kenyan citizen and (b) being harmed by that fact.



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