Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheetohs Anti-Semitism?

So I'm watching the last few episodes of Battlestar Galactica this weekend, having caught up to the final episode minus one. (Last Ep runs on the Net next week.)

Cheetohs runs a commercial in the traditional commercial break slot:

Two soccer moms are watching their kids: one rich Jewish lady and one middle class Latino. The rich lady says, "Ola..." and lamely attempts to speak some Spanish. The Hispanic lady flatly says, "Hi, Rachael." "Oh hi!" the rich lady responds, and then begins to prattle on about how her little darling is undergoing some sort of "triple language immersion" program. This causes the Hispanic lady to grow annoyed--the camera closes in on her eyes, you can see the hate--and suddenly Hispanic Lady reaches over and gives Rich Jewish Lady a big hug, being careful to wipe the orange cheese residue off of her hands onto the back of Rich Jewish Lady's immaculate white vest. The end.

This is supposed to be FUNNY?!!?

It's hateful. An obvious example of class hate for someone richer than yourself, with serious undertones of anti-Semitism. (Furthermore, could you imagine the roles reversed? No? Welcome to the double-0's.)


  1. It's not funny. The message of the commercial is: "I despise you because you are rich." And, quite frankly, this commercial is distasteful.

  2. I wish I could agree that it was just class hatred we see here. But remember, these guys in marketing are NOT stupid. Everything you see is deliberately planned.

    It's no coincidence they give the rich bitch a Jewish name, and make the vengeful one a minority. No coincidence *at all.*

    We live in an age where Jew-hatred is becoming fashionable once again. Take the following cartoon from today's Washington Post:


    (Reluctant hat tip to LGF. Charles is still a jerk, but again, the Stopped Clock principle applies. He's right; this cartoon is evil.)


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