Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obama sez: Abort or else, papists!

It says here that Obama I, Our King, Our Leader, has decreed that hereafter there shall be no protection for those who refuse to worship Moloch: to wit, any health care "provider" who refuses to "provide" death to an unborn child through the issuance of morning after poisons shall have no federal protection, and be subject to dismissal... or worse.

What happens when they take the next step: mandating abortion everywhere, even in Catholic hospitals?

Perhaps *that* will be our Dred Scott decision--when faithful Catholics throughout the country have to finally confront their failure to stop this train and we see the day when the Church has to close the entire Catholic health care system nation wide rather than accede to evil.

For it is objectively and forever evil to deliberately abort a child or assist another in so doing. Nothing, not all the Margaret Sangers, Frances Quisslings, or Hollyweird propaganda will ever change this.

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