Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Monday, Feb. 16, 2009: First Post/Introduction

§ It is said that an infinite number of monkeys typing away at keyboards will eventually reproduce the complete works of Shakespeare.

§ Unfortunately, what they don't say is that the total amount of matter in the universe, if turned into monkeys and typewriters, powered by the total amount of energy present in the universe, to feed the monkeys in question, working for a hundred billion years, cannot possibly succeed to type out as much as the first act of Hamlet.

§ HOWEVER, one Infinite Monkey--i.e., a human being--can write all of Shakespeare's works in the course of a single lifetime... if that Infinite Monkey happens to be Shakespeare.

§ You are an Infinite Monkey. So am I. Amphibians are we, half spirit and half worm. (Yoda was wrong; we *are* "this crude matter." Or at least to the extent of 50% of us are.)

§ We are monkeys in the sense that we are primates, hairless apes, trapped in a world we never made (to quote St. Steve Gerber). We are infinite in the sense that we are also immortal and that essential thing that makes us individuals will still be around when the sun is a brown dwarf. (Whether we will be happy at that point in time is another question.)

§ If you recognize, like me, that we are a duality and not the hollow, mechanical emptiness that is a finite monkey--you may find my writings amusing. If so, welcome. Stay a while. And feel free to comment. (But keep it clean. NB: I can nuke any post I deem unclean. So there.)

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