Sunday, February 22, 2009

"I'm Just a (Trillion-Dollar) Bill"

After I returned from overseas and was reunited with my kids in 2003, we have spent a lot of time together watching kidvids (largely against my will)--most of them unadulterated crud, I hate to say, Digimon and Pokemon-esque toy commercials with zero value whatsoever.

One exception: the old 1970s TV musical shorts collected under the title Schoolhouse Rock. Great stuff. My favorite is a half hour tape called America Rock, which is actually reasonably patriotic and old fashioned by modern PC standards. I like to trot it out on patriotic holidays; they're both more uplifting than Saving Private Ryan or The Patriot and a lot shorter.

Which brings us to this wonderful post on Mother, May I Sleep with Treacher?, a blog I've never heard of.

Until now.

It's heartening to think that there are a few others out there who realize what is going on in Washington DC. "Ohhh yeah!"

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