Friday, February 27, 2009

"...the darndest things"

One thing to know about autistic kids is that they're very, very literal: they don't get double meanings at all. Furthermore, they don't know self-censorship. If it is thought, it gets said.

This makes for, shall we say, adventures in communication on occasion.

Well, last night The Old Silverback, having finished supper, was enjoying dessert--a fresh banana. I'd eaten about 2/3 of it when my youngest son came up to give me a hug.

The butt end of the banana went flying out of my hand and landed on the carpet. Ooops.

This morning, right before I left, again I was eating a banana when another son--this time my eldest--came up to give me a goodbye hug.

Again. Banana goes flying and ends up on carpet.

My eldest son looked me and said, "You're not too good with your banana, are you, Daddy?"

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